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Electric Rain's Case Study Award  
If you have a project that clearly exhibits how Swift 3D was utilized to create a project, we'd like to feature it in our Case Study category. This is for work that make you say, "Ahhh, now that's a great use of 3D!" Submit your site today!

  Case Studies
Fox Group, Inc.
Fox Group, Inc. - Fox Group post press solutions are designed to complement services provided by commercial printers, designers and product professionals.

Osmose, Inc.
Osmose, Inc. - Osmose is recognized as a world premier supplier of lumber preservative technologies. Osmose has a long history of successful development and diversification into specialized areas of wood preservation. Designer, Andy Appleton, used Swift 3D to create a fantastic 3D visualization of the their lumber treatment equiptment.

Cornett-IMS - Cornett-IMS is a full service Integrated Marketing Solutions company based in Lexington, Kentucky. They created a fantastic Facebook integrated fan application for the Kentucky Wildcats using Swift 3D. Itís a 3D football game that allows Facebook fans to challenge each other. Check it out!

SerCom Solutions
SerCom Solutions - SerCom Solutions is a leading global provider of integrated supply chain solutions. See how SerCom's designer, Paul Murphy uses 3D to take a branded goods parcel from product design to customer delivery.

Fort Knox Safe Builder
Fort Knox Safe Builder - Designer Seth Taylor uses 3D to provide visitors to Fort Knox Safes' website the ability to customize a safe online with their exact specifications.

LUDOLIT - Play, work, dream, sleep .....LUDOLIT, is a bedding system that changes and adapts as a child grows from toddler to young adult. French designer, Francisco Fidalgo's 3D animations and objects are essential to effectively showing Ludolit's concept.

Goat Biology
Goat Biology - Karin Christensen is a freelance artist for scientific animations and illustrations. In this month's Case Study, Karin explains how 3D is ideal for visually displaying scientific procedures. Be warned, the subject matter is a little unusual.

Melet Plastics, Inc.
Melet Plastics, Inc. - Designer Shaun Green of Bio Design Works recognizes that 3D is effective in captivating and engaging viewers. Animations and models created with Swift 3D help illustrate the metal to plastic conversion for his client Melet Plastics, Inc.

Gill Sensors
Gill Sensors - Mike Rees uses Swift 3D to demonstrate application product animations for Gill Sensors' range of electronic sensors in a clear and professional manner. This site shows beautiful, practical examples of 3D all in a file size suitable for the web. Make sure to check out each sensor.

Winter Wonderland - Papervision3D
Winter Wonderland - Papervision3D - This month' s Case Study features Papervision 3D team member John Grden's adaptation of the Christmas Light show originally inspired by a real life Christmas display on YouTube. Read on to see how Swift 3D played an important part in this amazing project.