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Electric Rain's Featured Site Award
Only the elite shall be rewarded! The Erain Featured Site Award represents the best-of-the-best when it comes to creating killer 3D Flash projects. We are always on the look out for those Swift 3D influenced pieces that push the boundaries of integrating 3D into your Flash games, tours, applications, design, ads, etc. Submit your site!

  Site of the Month
ATLAS Institute - University of Colorado
ATLAS Institute - University of Colorado - University of Colorado Instructor, Ian Hales use both 2D and 3D elements to break the mold of the typical academic site. This site is a tool in not only delivering important course information to students, but also to grab their attention from the first day and have them realize that every aspect of the course is intended to inspire creativity and expression.


  Site of the Month Archives
Guttau PR
Guttau PR - Former Electric Rain designer, Jim Foley has moved on to new adventures but still uses Swift 3D almost daily. In this month's featured site, Jim uses Swift 3D's modeling capabilities and Papervision3D export to create a site for a Public Relations and Marketing specialist who wanted to portray the idea that he can adapt to any product or service.

Emporio Digital
Emporio Digital - Designer Fabian Rojas used Swift 3D's primitive shapes and animation path's to create a smooth and effective 3D navigation map.

Extra Artists
Extra Artists - At Extra Artists | 3D Design Studio, 3D is a part of everyday life. Lead Designers Dan Cormick and fiance Sonia Tyndale draw on their extensive background as 3D video game artists and graphic designers to bring 3D to the web.

Greenthingmedia.com - Can Dinosaurs really break dance? Of course they can! Well, at least on the web when you use Swift 3D and the Swift 3D max v3 for 3ds Max by Autodesk®. Mick Lucarelli's portfolio site uses Swift 3D to highlight his unique and different style.

D.R.E.A.M. Studio Design
D.R.E.A.M. Studio Design - Just as fun and perhaps even more creative and imaginative, designer Albert Castillo and Dream Studio Design present Version 2 of their award winning site, Dream Studio Design and Development.

Joop Media
Joop Media - Andy Lawson's site, Joop Media, really shows off the video export capabilities of Swift 3D. Take a look at the interview to see how Swift 3D allowed Andy to create the entire video without ever having to turn on a camera or leave his studio.

Jim Houlton Creative Design
Jim Houlton Creative Design - You will find fun, imaginative and creative uses of 3D throughout Jim Houlton's online portfolio of creative design. Please make sure to spend sometime playing with each of the characters on his home page for examples that jump right off the screen at you.

Crayon Animation
Crayon Animation - Simon Crane of Crayon Animation slips a little 3D in all of his work. Browse his site to see creative uses of Swift 3D in Music Videos, TV, Presentations and much more.

Bill's Class
Bill's Class - This Visual Communication & Design teacher used Swift 3D to create a simple yet imaginative and whimsical class content page for his students.