Our Vision  
  "To passionately create ingenious applications that empower everyone to quickly create multimedia communication experiences that completely amaze."  
  Company Insight  
  Let's talk Hollywood for a moment. Star Wars. Jurassic Park. Toy Story. The Phantom Menace. These movies have married genius designers with outrageous computing power and the results have people walking out of theaters muttering in disbelief, "how the hell did they do that?"

What about television. From Letterman's acrobatic 'Top 10 List' zipping across the screen to the opening logo of your favorite newscast, 3D rendering and animation is now considered an entertainment staple. There is no doubt that 3D effects capture, hold, and mesmerize audiences of all types, but most of us do not have George Lucas on our payroll. Still, the dream of adding 3D and big screen multimedia effects to our personal masterpieces lives on.

This is what inspired us to start Electric Rain. With bandwidth increasing, the onset of Internet multimedia is truly emerging. We're not talking about first generateion online multimedia - pointless animation, loud banner ads, and choppy audio and video streaming. We're talking about experiencing web site like experiencing movies (like Tokyo Plastic & 2advanced ). Engaging people in a way that they will retain what they've seen and have a strong desire to revisit.

Electric Rain is poised to deliver 3D and multimedia solutions for the rest of us. Our tools combined with emerging authoring tools and technologies will allow everyone to create inspiring Web sites that communicate based on design and motion, carrying incredible emotional impact.

Through the release of its standalone application, Swift 3D, and the licensing of the company’s proprietary RAViX 3D Vector Rendering Technology, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry-leading developer and supplier of 3D-to-vector Flash solutions.

  Corporate Information  
  Electric Rain, Inc. is a privately held Delaware C corporation since 1998 with its headquarters in Boulder Colorado - USA. Electric Rain was rated the 2001 “Fastest Growing Privately Held Company” in Boulder by The Boulder County Business Report, and was the winner of Boulder’s IQ Awards for the ‘Most Innovated Software Product’ in 2001.