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Download the Swift 3D V6 Model Pack and extend the model selection already included in the Swift 3D Galleries.
Tutorials are now hosted in the Support section of our site. A new Swift 3D v5 Tutorial series is now available, covering beginner to intermediate aspects of the program.
  Windows Installer
Mac Installer

Swift 3D Flash CS3 Importer for Intel-based Macs
Note: Not currently 64 bit compatible


Swift 3D Importer for Adobe Flash CS3 running on Intel-based Macs. This importer can be downloaded below and provides the ability to import Swift 3D’s vector SmartLayer files (.SWFT file format) directly onto Flash’s stage or into the library). Currently 32 bit compaitble. A 64-bit version is in the works and will be available soon.

  Mac Installer      

Instructions for installing the Swift 3D Importer in Adobe Flash CS3 32-bit on Intel-based Macs:

Step 1) Click on the download button above and then open the folder to find the Swift3DFlashImporter.bundle file.

Step 2) Drag Swift3DFlashImporter.bundle to Flash CS3’s Importers folder. File path is: Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Configurations/Importers

The next time you open up Flash CS3, “Swift 3D Importer” will be listed in the dropdown menu for importing files.