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Program Overview
  At Electric Rain, 3D is a way of life. Since 1998 we have been developing cutting-edge 3D software that has quickly become the industry standard for 3D-to-vector solutions. When working with us you will find that our Swift 3D family of products is well known, respected and highly desirable for anyone wanting to add 3D to Flash. If you have contacts in the world of Flash, Swift 3D is an easy sell.

Our distributor program is designed to make distributing our products simple and profitable, with customer service as a top priority. We want to help you reach targeted retailers and quickly place the product in their stores. To accomplish these goals our distributors are provided with a Swift 3D product information kit, FedEx drop-shipping on all orders worldwide, and world-class customer support.
  • Opportunity to distribute the industry-leading 3D Flash solutions
  • Fast shipping anywhere in the world (FedEx Priority)
  • Drop shipping
  • Superior customer support
  • Excellent distribution discounts
  • Currently distribute Adobe Flash, Autodesk 3ds Max or NewTek LightWave 3D
  • Adobe certified preferred
  • Only Retail channel sales distribution (no end-customer sales)
  • Actively market Swift 3D
  • All orders require a minimum of 10 copies
  • Read and agree to Electric Rain distribution agreement (pdf)
  • Reseller Tax Certificate (US only)
  If you comply with all the distributor requirements listed above, please fill out our online application by clicking on the "Join" button above. Please contact orders@erain.com with any questions.

  Contact Information  
  Email: order@erain.com
Fax: 303-543-8225